Insurance is something most people agree they need but neglect talking to an insurance agent.

While most people will agree that insurance is a great thing... when they use it. I don't think anyone has a warm and fuzzy feeling about obtaining it. There are statistics out now that almost 40% of Americans do not have life insurance. 60% admit they do not have enough coverage for their expenses or amounts they want to leave others.

If you are curious about obtaining life insurance from a trusted company, please make an appointment. You will be able to work face-to-face with one of our professional agents; with no pressure - only advice. D&D only uses "A" rated companies, so there are no worries in long term company viability.

We understand that investing in yourself can sometimes seem difficult. We make the learning process and decision making easy for you. When you think it through, you are really making an investment for yourself and your loved ones.

Come see us at D&D Insurance, downtown Evansville for all your life, health and disability coverage options.


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  • Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplemental coverage -with Part D prescription coverage
  • Direct-to-employer plans
  • Life insurance - Term Life, Whole life and Guaranteed Life
  • Safe annuities